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Updated February-10-2005

We have readers from 7-87.
 A story series for the entire family.

Our publisher is going out of business and this wonderful novel series will go out of print Sept. 1st 2005.  I have been told by a book store manager that Ingrams is all ready canceling orders for these novels without sending the novels.  If they do this to you try Baker and Taylor.  If that doesn't work you can always get your novels from this website.

A Christian Alternative to Harry Potter.

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A 7 year old girl who just happens to have my Yahoo Messenger address caught me on line and went to voice mode.  She wanted to read segments of these novels to the man who wrote them.  I listened until she finished with tears in my eyes.  She was just 7 years old and reading so very well.  If my novels inspire someone this young to read them perhaps there is hope for this author after all.

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Legacy of the watchers is about halfway finished and was put on HOLD for scripting "The Medallion Mystery."  and "The Underworld." An agent/manager for a popular TV, movie and stage star has requested a copy of any and all scripts pertaining to this novel series.  They have not contacted us since the scripts were sent to them.  We are now busy with other projects. and this story is still on hold.

"Legacy of the Watchers"

The Prequel to "The Medallion Mystery" has been put on HOLD.  This story is not about Megan and her friends but is about her great grandpa Henry, his brother Harvey, and her grandpa Fred.  It tells how and where they found the key jewels, the medallion and the crown.  It reveals many secrets that Megan has yet to discover.

Please note there's a website out here now that tells the secrets behind the Adventures of Megan Martin.  I warn you not to read it if you have any intentions of reading the novel series.  Of course it's up to you.

Take me to the Medallion Mystery page! Author of Megan Martin book.Princess the cat in the book. Really is Laura's cat.Laura and Kristy are the Spooky Places girls.Write to Print StoreISBN 09714272-9-1Read the back of this novel to me.

A screenplay has been written for this novel in movie screenplay format. It is being edited. We think we may also adapt one for a made for TV movie.  Perhaps even one for an hour long format or series format. If you are a producer or someone interested in this novel series as a TV or movie please contact us.

The title is a link to the Medallion Mystery page.  Click on it!

This is the novel that begins the series. Megan and her best friend May go to spend a week on Megan's grandmother's farm. Not long after they arrive they discover strange things are afoot on the farm and demand their attention. Not only that, they discover a secret.  Grandma Martha is about to loose her farm to a greedy land developer. Her pony Sparky is sick at the neighbor's farm along with several horses who are deathly ill. The farm vet is no where to be found and if someone doesn't do something soon the horses and Megan's little pony will certainly die!

Megan was just an average teenage girl when she came to the farm this summer, but now Megan Martin is anything but average!


We are working on an audio version of this novel.  It takes a lot of time and we want to add some nice effects and have more than one version of the novel for our customers.  We expect it will cost about the same as the printed novel and it will be available in MP3 format on computer CD.  It could be moved into an MP3 player or played on any DVD player that supports MP3 format files.

Scripting has begun on this novel.

This novel is being adapted to movie screenplay format.

Megan's second adventure.

We call this one our Halloween edition because it's a great ghost story.

This novel also has a special audio excerpt for you to listen to. Click on the title, go to The Underworld page and look for the excerpt. Click on it and listen to a very special MP3 audio excerpt.

Megan and May take on a new friend, the neighbor girl Brianna, in their adventure into the Underworld!

This is a science fiction, adventure, mystery!  It has good guys, bad guys! OH YES!  It has a GREAT BIG very haunted mansion that hides a secret larger than the mansion itself.  It's not just haunted it's REALLY! REALLY! HAUNTED!  What sinister thing took place at this old Mansion?  Who was the family that lived there and how did they die?

Simon Banister is still on the loose, buying up everything in sight, and walking on the regular people of this city as fast as he can.  He's hired hit men to remove them from their land and Megan and her friends must find a way to stop him!  Talk about danger! Will May and Megan escape with their lives or will the bad guys get them?

Discover more about the mystery of the Crown and the Medallion and don't forget that mysterious being they call Payah in this second adventure!

The first book is about 84,000 words long.  The second book is approximately 110,000 words.  It's larger than the first and jam packed with action, mystery, and suspense.  It is 377 pages of actual story in a 5" x 8" book.

Click on the title "The Underworld" above and be transported to "The Underworld" webpage.


Megan's Third Adventure!    

With audio excerpt on the page. Click title above or cover to the left. 

You can order from the book stores or get an autographed copy from us at our on line store!

Approximately 110,000 words.

This book was finished on 5-29-2002. It's right at 109,208 words.

Even though we call this our Christmas story it's not all about Christmas, it just happens during Christmas.  There is a special Christmas segment in it so you won't be disappointed.

Megan's last day of school before her Christmas vacation wasn't exactly the most pleasant day she's had in a while.  It appears someone told someone else at school a lie that Megan had said something derogatory about another girl who then came looking to get even with Megan.  As if that wasn't bad enough her history teacher caught her daydreaming and thinking to humiliate her asked her to get up in front of the class and explain details concerning facts about the pyramids of Giza.  She got up and literally took over the entire classroom.  You would have thought the teacher would have been pleased with her but there were three major problems.  It seems he didn't like the fact that she was a better teacher on the subject of the pyramids than he was.  He didn't like the fact the entire class was paying close attention to her as she spoke.  The other problem was that about 95% of her information didn't come from her school text book!  Megan is able to travel through time and space and, well, her perspective of true history is quite a bit different than what she finds in her text books.

Megan returns home to find Payah watching some very depressing news about a war against terrorists.  That wasn't exactly what she needed to cheer her up at that moment.  She wonders has life gotten so bad there's no hope for humanity?  If someone could do something to change things for the better then what would they do, what could they do?

Megan's Prayer

"Dear God, please bless America, I know she's made plenty of mistakes but when other nations of the world were in trouble and being over-run by terrorists and evil dictators America was there to turn the tide of battle in favor of those who love freedom.  If not for her where would the world be today?  And God please bless the leaders of the nations and give them wisdom, compassion and insight so they will do the correct things by their people and toward other nations as well.  And God bless the people of the world that they may learn to love each other despite their differences and learn to respect each other as precious living beings sharing this world with them.  And God if it's not too much trouble if you have any time left maybe you could show me something that I could do to make the world a better place to live.  Thank you, God. I'll be expecting your answer soon."

No sooner had Megan said this prayer than God answered her and set her on a brand new chain of adventures and challenges.  Find out what happens in this wonderful family adventure.

This book has a BIG surprise in it for the readers!  Another very big clue as to the origin and purpose of the crown and the medallion and a brand new "TOY" for Megan and her friends to play with.

The title is a link.  Click on it to go to the "A Space In Time" webpage.

The Fourth Adventure of Megan Martin

This novel is in print as of today, 4-29-2003.

This book is approximately 96,000 words in length.

This novel starts at the exact moment that novel number 3 ends, on the night of Christmas Eve.  It also has a Christmas segment in it.  Megan, May and Brianna go to another solar system. They are gone for 3 days.  They left on the night of Christmas eve yet they returned on Christmas morning!  Find out why Megan thinks there must be A Space In Time.

This edition of the series is based on a new "toy" that Megan discovers in a secret place mentioned in the last chapters of the third book.  See that big blue thing hovering over the girl's heads.  That's a fourth dimensional intergalactic class spaceship.  Megan named him "Orion." How large is he?  On the outside he's as large as a foot ball field, but on the inside he's bigger than that.

Orion allows Megan, May, and Brianna to go on a brand new kind of adventure.  They go on a trip across the galaxy and meet new friends along the way.  They discover more secrets about the crown device and they go on brand new and very dangerous adventures. 

It's the night of Christmas Eve.  May and Brianna talk Megan into showing them a secret place she found using the crown.  She says it's inside the crown.  They find Orion floating in fourth dimensional space.  Orion allows them to take an adventure to a distant place, a place that Megan could not get to using the crown alone.  Orion is no ordinary spaceship though, he's a fourth dimensional craft that has strange and amazing abilities like the crown does only some of these abilities are quite different than the Crown device.  Not only that Megan and her friends discover that strange things happen to time inside this alien craft.  Their watches stop sometimes when they are inside of it and time does strange things.  They conduct this entire 3 day adventure to return home only a few hours later than when they left.  Megan has determined that inside the Orion spaceship there must be ...


The entire first half of this story they are on an alien world.  They make a new friend there named Xeba (That's pronounced as "Zeba").  Xeba is about four and a half feet tall with beautiful ice blue eyes and long light blond hair.  It's so light yellow that it is almost white.  Xeba's people live like primitives among the dense forest and tall trees.  Megan is determined to discover where these little people came from and why they are now living on a planet inhabited by prehistoric creatures.  That's right, the beautiful little people who live there live in a world of dinosaurs and Megan says, "It just doesn't make good sense."  So she sets out to find out what the big deal is.  Brianna discovers some unusual things on this planet like huge pictures that can only be seen from the air.  She also discovers a huge pyramid that holds the secrets to the mystery Megan wishes to solve.  She tries but can not view through the many feet of solid stone.  The only way to find the answers then is to go in and explore the huge but very dangerous pyramid.  Find out what's hidden inside the pyramid!

That's not all because when they get home on Christmas morning the Books A Zillion store explodes with the manager inside and the store burns to the ground!  The store is right beside ol "Crazy" Bob's pawnshop that Simon Banister has been trying to buy from Bob for pennies on the dollar.  Has Simon found a new way to get land next to Bob?  Perhaps he also intended the fire to burn Bob's place down as well.  To make things even worse, Megan learns that Simon Banister and Don Lowery are hot on their trail.  They know someone has been foiling their plans to drive people from their land and Don Lowery has determined that it must be one of grandma Martha's relatives behind it.  Megan leaves in the early morning hours because of a bad dream and to deliver some evidence to her new FBI friend "Agent Roger" (she met in A Christmas Story) but when she returns home someone has broken into her house and abducted her entire family.

Will this be the end of Megan Martin?  Or will this be the end of Simon Banister?  Don't miss the show-down between Megan and Simon Banister in this exciting adventure!


The 5th Adventure of Megan Martin

NOW IN PRINT!  It is over 133,000 words.

It's 510 pages long and jam packed with excitement!

In time for Halloween!  This story has everything a good ghost story needs.

The largest one of the series so far at 510 pages of actual story!

Read the excerpt at Authors Den

Night visions starts out completely different than all the previous stories. It grabs the reader's attention from the very start and pulls them into a dark scary situation. It has a few new surprises and an old friend returns from a previous story to help Megan. I don't know exactly how to give a preview of this story without giving away all the secrets.

Megan gets mugged and loses her memory! She's rescued by someone that she had seen in a previous story but this person doesn't really know who she is and neither does Megan!

To add to the danger and suspense another creature tracks her down and without her crown, memory, or any form of defense she must face this supernatural predator.

Instead of having one or two really deep story length problems for Megan to deal with this story presents a series of different problems for Megan and her friends to solve. Being mugged and loosing her memory is pretty serious but the things that happen because of it set the stage for a new set of adventures.

Click on the title to read more about this story.  Feel free to write if you like the stories or have questions.

New Excerpts Now On Line.  Click the Title Above!

Now the largest of the series.  I didn't intend for it to be so big! But it's jam packed with action and adventure!


There are two excerpts for this novel on the Dark Matter page.  Click on the cover to the left or the title above to go there.

The 6th in the series.  This story is written and being edited now.  It's over 175,000 words in length. The largest of the series so far.  I intend to write one more in the Megan Martin Series before starting a new series starring a character who is introduced in this edition of Megan Martin. I'm getting requests to write more of the Megan Martin series and not to close it out with novel 7. The more of our fans who write requesting more, the more likely I'll be to write perhaps 2 or 3 more of this series before closing it out. If you want more please e-mail me and let me know.  Because of the size I'm not sure when to expect it in print.  I hope by the Spring of 2004.

Exactly one year has passed since Megan and May found, assembled, and began using the crown. Their little group has grown to five now over the past year.  Xeba is about to have her first child on grandma Martha's farm.  She's afraid to go to the hospital because she is, after all, an "Illegal Alien!"

Megan and her friends return to work on the farm and help with the dude ranch.  Mr. Butler hires a new hand named Ray Thompson who gets the surprise of his life in the barn loft while trying to feed the horses.  Megan comes to his rescue but, before she can explain, he falls out of the barn loft window into the lot below.

The dude ranch is hosting a rather dysfunctional family for the week and Mark and Anthony are about to show their disregard for everyone including their father.  Their step-sister, Rachel, thinks she's a witch and when she sees Brianna transport a hand held device back to Orion she mistakes Megan and her friends all to be high level practitioners of the craft.

An alien spaceship was shot down over an obscure area of Australia by a US commanded Star Wars satellite.  What the recovery team finds inside this alien craft may literally be the end of the world.  Who knows - it might even be the end of the entire solar system.  Scientists working deep in an ultra secret underground base in a place known as Dreamland are trying to open these devices unaware of the dangers inside.

The alien craft is so large the recovery team can't move it and to complicate things anything that uses electricity fails after being exposed to the alien craft and the mysterious devices for any length of time.  The men working to move the alien craft become ill but there's no good explanation for it.

A handful of humanoid aliens survived the crash but they don't speak English and now they are also being held deep inside an underground ultra high security hospital at Dreamland.  Only the survivors of the crash hold the secret to the strange black devices.  What Megan and her friends do will decide the fate of not just the world but the entire universe!

To make things even more interesting a famous movie star arrives at the dude ranch on very short notice.  Megan doesn't know a famous alien monster movie star is arriving until she looks up and sees the helicopter circling the farm early one morning.  She asks her grandma Martha who tells her "It's Julianna Skii" who's taking a week off from her current production to come spend a week with them on the dude ranch.  That's not just a movie star, it's Brianna's most favorite movie star!

That's not all because there's a black mysterious UFO that follows Orion back to the farm.  Who are they?  What do they want?

I didn't intend for the novel to be much over 120,000 words in length but it's so jam-packed with things going on I felt to remove any of the action and story would hurt the overall enjoyment of reading the story.  I know it's going to cost quite a bit more than the others but I feel that once you read the story you will feel it was well worth it.  It sets the stage for the action and huge revelations that will follow in upcoming episodes of "The Adventures of Megan Martin."

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