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Megan Discovers Orion

Once upon a time a teenage girl named Megan Martin discovered an ancient crown device with the power to transport her through time and space.

While laying upon her bed one night and wearing the crown device she was about to fall asleep.  Her mind went blank and in a moment she found herself as if within the dream world.  There were shapes, and things floating in the air.  Where was she?  What had she discovered? Where was the floor?

She soon discovered she could will herself to move in any direction she wanted to go.  It was in this place that she discovered a dark blue triangular spaceship the size of a football field! It was really big on the outside but when Megan went inside she soon learned there were rooms inside this spaceship that were larger than the spaceship itself!  It just was not possible, yet there it was.  The only answer she could come up with was that it was not a three dimensional craft.  Perhaps it was a forth or fifth dimensional craft.

What was in these rooms? She wondered.  She began exploring the massive spaceship and what she discovered in the rooms that she was able to gain entrance into shocked and amazed her.

She shared the knowledge of this amazing craft with her friends and they had begun a new adventure before she finally questioned who the ship belonged to.  What if they come looking for it?  Megan Martin a galactic spaceship thief?  What if they weren't nice people?  What if they weren't even people?

The girls named their new spaceship Orion.  But Orion has plenty of surprises for them.  Read "A Space In Time" and find out what happens.


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The Pyramid of Phargus

Megan, May and Brianna take Orion to another solar system, to another world.  A strange mysterious jungle world inhabited by beautiful little people and dinosaurs.  On this planet they rescue a little woman named Xeba from a tyrannosaurus like creature.  Seeing the little woman was highly intelligent Megan sets out to find out why these people are living on a world filled with monsters.

You may read the excerpt below or you can listen to the author Bryon Smith read it for you in MP3 format.

"This pyramid is no doubt really old and I want to know who built it and why." Megan answered as she began to move the ship around the structure searching each side of it until she was positioned to the north and looking toward the south at the pyramid.

"There, a doorway about 15 to 17 feet behind the outer casing stones."

"Oh no Megan, what in the world are you thinking?" May's eyes widened as she looked into the dark dank passage way.

"What?" Brianna asked as she looked over at May and Megan.

"What nothing, she's going to get us dragged through the bat crap in a dark tunnel down there that's what! Just look at her, she's got that look in her eyes again! You know that look!" May warned.

Brianna looked back at her view screen and since Megan had flown all the way around it Orion had made a full 3D image of the structure. "Smooth angled casing stones kinda like the ones that were on the Great Pyramid of Giza. Um, let's see." Brianna moved around the structure. "I see portals or shafts of some kind entering the structure in several places, maybe they are air vents?"

"We are all going to die on a foreign world and our parents won't have a clue what happened to us!" May moaned.

"Oh stop being such a baby May!" Megan told her.

"Why do you care about a, ah, well a 10,000 year old pyramid on an alien world for anyway?" May whined as she held her hand out toward the image on the view screen.

"I'll tell you why, because Xeba knows way to much to be a descendent from some primitive race of beings on a planet covered with prehistoric creatures that's why." Megan said as she zoomed her view into the dark shaft as far as she could. "Why did it stop? Why can't I see into that place?"

"The density of the structure appears to be preventing me from scanning into it." Orion answered.

"Fine!" Megan got up and walked to the seat just to Brianna's left and began sorting through the pockets. "Blue crystal!" Megan exchanged the blue jewel key in the crown putting the white one into her pocket then turned and looked at the dark downward tunnel again.

May and Brianna looked at each other, "See, I told you she has that look in her eyes again." May nodded her head warning Brianna they were all about to go to certain doom!

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...Bryon Smith
Author "The Adventures of Megan Martin" novel series.


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