A Halloween Story even through it happens before Halloween

Center, Megan Martin - Laura Smith

Left, May Lynx - Amber Harrold

Right, Brianna - Kristy Smith

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 The Underworld!

 Megan's second Adventure!

Megan and May take on a new friend, the neighbor girl Brianna in their adventure into the Underworld!

Like the first one this is a science fiction, adventure, mystery!  It has good guys, bad guys! OH YES!  It has a GREAT BIG very haunted mansion that hides a secret larger than the mansion itself.  It's not just haunted, it's REALLY! REALLY! HAUNTED!  What sinister thing took place at this old Mansion?  Who was the family who lived there and how did they die?

Simon Banister is still on the loose, buying up everything in sight while walking on the regular people of this city as fast as he can.  He's hired hit men to remove them from their land and Megan and her friends must find a way to stop him!  Talk about danger! Will May and Megan escape with their lives or will the bad guys get them?

Discover more about the mystery of the Crown and the Medallion and don't forget that mysterious being they call Payah in this second adventure!  In this story he reveals more secrets about himself and the mysterious medallion and crown devices but only to Megan, and of course to you.  ;-)

 The Underworld!

 Megan's second Adventure Previews!

Megan and May spent most of the summer working on Megan's grandmother's farm.  They had a wonderful time there even though they worked very hard. (Please read the first book for more information about this first adventure.)

Now they have returned home just a week before their school season begins and soon discover that Simon Banister is buying up land in the city just as he is in the country, and he's out to get that land anyway that he can, even if it means hiring someone to kill the people who live there.  What's that I hear?  Did someone say he even bought the Mall?  How in the world does a single person command such financial power?  What does he want with all this property?  He's even put Crazy Bob who owns the old pawn shop near the airport on his hit list and hired some very ruthless men to remove Bob from his property!

Megan discovers a mysterious form of energy that flies around, up and down the streets and through the buildings, even through people.  She sets out to discover what these invisible orbs of light are.  This quest leads them to the most haunted mansion you could imagine where they discover another mystery that leads them literally into the underworld.

The Bates Mansion!  Megan, May and Brianna wonder what in the world a family of 5 needed with a three story mansion with a full basement.  They are very curious to know how this family all died under very mysterious circumstances!  They discover the newspapers did not report the full truth about this family and what happened to them.  What frightened the second family away from the house in the middle of the night never to return?  The house has been abandoned now since the close of 1947!  The answers can only be found inside the mansion itself, a place where even harden policemen are afraid to go, especially at night!

Brianna is the annoying neighbor girl.  She lives right next door to Megan.  Brianna's parents take her to exotic places.  No mater what someone else has done she has done something better, and she's sure to let them know.  "I went to Hollywood Megan, what did you do over the summer?  You just went to spend the summer on your grandma's smelly old farm!" Brianna would say.

  Brianna has a brand new video camera and keeps it with her all the time.  She sometimes catches people in compromising positions and shoots video of them.  She's always letting herself into Megan's house without knocking!  How will Megan keep her secrets from this girl?  Or will she?

Then there's Megan's brother Gary who beats on her bedroom door every morning at 6am sharp.  "Wake up fish bait! You are sleeping your life away!" he says as he laughs and strolls off down the hallway toward the kitchen on his way to work.  Every morning it's the same old thing.  Every morning it seems like he calls her some other degrading name.  When ever he gets the chance he grabs her in a head lock and musses her hair up then he says, "It's cause I love you sis!" and away he goes.  Gary is the reason why Megan doesn't like sports very much and hates jocks.  She considers them all to be egotistical mental midgets.  Then Megan finds out that each year just as the school year begins the jocks have an initiation process they must endure.  Guess where it takes place at?  That's right it takes place at the stroke of midnight at the very haunted Bates Mansion!

Excerpt from The Underworld  Or Listen to special MP3 audio excerpt. (Give it time to load.)(It takes longer for modem users.)

"What happened?" Brianna asked in a weak voice as she regained consciousness.

May was standing there beside the bed with the crown device in her hand and before she could hide it Brianna spotted it. "Ok, you caught us, we are super heroes involved in a lot of top secret stuff that no one else is suppose to know about."

"I knew it!" Brianna said remembering all the strange things she had overheard but had not been able to make any sense out of.

Megan had to cover her mouth to keep from laughing but she had to admit it was a better answer than what she was about to fabricate.
"Let's question her and see how much she knows." Megan nodded her head as she spoke. Brianna was nodding her head in agreement with Megan until she added, "Then we will erase her memory!"

"I don't know anything I swear I don't." Brianna insisted.

"I don't believe you!" May said as she reached a hand toward Megan, "Give me the white jewel."

Megan handed the jewel to her friend who promptly exchanged it with the blue transport jewel.
"Now we will find out what you really know, I'll pump your brain for information until you scream if you are keeping any secrets from us, I will find out!"

"Not on my bed you aren't" Megan ordered as May turned to see what she was talking about. "Last time you did that to someone it made an awful mess, we never did get the stains out of the bed spread."

Brianna shook her head back and forth in desperation wondering what in the world May and Megan had in mind for her. Quickly she tried to think of anything that might spare her the full wrath of the worst thing she might imagine. "Look I will join you, I can be helpful I can help," Brianna looked back and forth between the two desperate to find some glimmer of hope. "Really, I won't tell, I promise, I will even sign a contract in my own blood if I have to."

Megan bit her lower lip on that one and May turned completely around trying to prevent Brianna from seeing she was about to burst out laughing.

"May do you have the contracts we use for people to sign in blood?" Megan asked.

May just shook her head still trying to keep from laughing, "No, but I will go see if I can find one." May left the room went into the bathroom and closed the door. She couldn't hold it in any longer and laughed so hard as quietly as she could that tears were rolling down her cheeks.


Find out more about Megan and her adventures in this thrilling 110,000 (aprox) word book.  377 pages of actual story.

These are not cheap books like you normally find in book stores for $4.99.  They are 5"x8" with high grade covers and paper.  These books are the kind some collectors look for.

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