Megan's Third Adventure!       

If you came here from the Megan Martin home page then you must have read the information there about this story.  This is Megan's Christmas story and brings Megan and her friends, May and Brianna, a brand new set of adventures and new challenges.  The story at this time is about 105,750 words in length.  That means it's well over 300 pages long and like the two previous stories it's jam-packed with new challenges, mystery and adventure.

The Adventures of Megan Martin is a series of stories that follow Megan and her friends through a series of challenges that usually present certain dangers and mysteries for the girls to deal with.  The stories are written in a continuous chain like method as each book presents new challenges while it also follows up on certain events from previous books.  What this means to the reader is you can read one book and pick up the next one and while a certain number of days may have passed the story almost picks up and takes off where the previous one ended.  Questions that were presented in a previous book yet not fully answered will be mentioned again and may very well be answered.  Other questions like those surrounding the crown device and the medallion will receive new clues as to the origin and purpose of the crown and medallion devices.  This Christmas Edition presents new powerful evidence and presents new questions as to where the crown and medallion came from.  It also has some new surprises I believe the reader will enjoy.  Megan learns how to make a new kind of space time portal.  She discovers a hidden place inside the crown device and many new and strange wonders that she is able to access from that place.

Like any child, Megan doesn't get along with everyone at her school. She has two other girls in particular who give her a hard time just because they can.  Megan wonders why they act like this and say things to hurt her feelings.  Is it because they are just mean or is there another reason for it?  Megan also discovers there are other people in the world who aren't as well off as she is, yet they manage to be happy with the things they do have.  Megan may not be Santa Claus but she finds a way to deliver the Christmas spirit to a large group of people on Christmas Eve.

May was told not to transport anywhere but did she listen? Megan warned her the only places she could transport were from her room to Megan's room because Megan was concerned she might get into trouble.  Find out where May went and why!  Find out why the F.B.I. wants to know who May and Megan are.

May was searching for someone when she found something on the bottom of the ocean and it's deadly!

Down at the dockyard there's a row of big buildings, some of them are storage buildings, but Megan find's something in building 18A that gives her reason for concern.

Brianna tries her hand at operating the crown device, find out what kind of trouble she gets the entire group into!

Oh yes, Simon Banister, remember him?  It seems he does have a plan to put a lot of independent business owners out of business but how and why?  Megan has made it her personal objective to make sure Mr. Banister doesn't get everything he's after.  It also appears he has a link to others who have as low morals and scruples as he has.  Find out what else Mr. Banister is involved in and who some of these other people are in this Christmas story.

Excerpt from A Christmas Story  (Listen to the author read this excerpt in MP3 format.)

While this discussion was in full swing a very excited May appeared in Megan's bedroom in a flash of blue light. There she was with her eyes as large as saucers, her hair standing straight up and laying over the edge of the crown device. In her hand was a large book. "Um, Um!" May panted to catch her breath, "I got the ledger back!"

"What in the world did you do?" Megan spoke half in anger trying to hold her voice down so the girls in the living room and her mother wouldn't hear.

"Um, well I found the janitor. He's some kind of gangster too, I think! He had moved to another motel and while he was taking a shower I zapped in and grabbed the ledger. Well, then he heard me I guess and came running naked out of the bathroom with a gun in his hand. I barely got away!" May panted as she fell into the chair near the closet.

Megan walked over and took the crown from May's head with one hand and the ledger in the other. Handing the ledger to Brianna, she put the crown back into the lower left hand desk drawer where she sometimes kept it. "Now this guy saw you didn't he?"

"Um, well," May grimaced indicating she had been seen.

"But I got the ledger and got away!" She nodded her head as a sheepish smile appeared.

Megan let go a rather large sigh as she plopped down on the bed and reached out for the ledger Brianna was now holding. "I told you specifically not to transport anywhere except back here and you, you, well you, did it anyway!" Megan opened the ledger and began flipping through it.

"He came running out of the bathroom naked with a gun in his hand?" Brianna's eyebrows raised upon her forehead as a hand moved to cover her mouth.

"Yeah, he had a gun. I thought he was going to shoot me!" May answered.

"He was naked! Ummm!" Brianna smiled and shook her head.

"And you're sorry you didn't get that on video I bet," Megan shook her head as she looked over the strange numbers in the ledger. "You know, this makes no sense to me. It might as well be in some other language!" Megan turned a few more pages. "Lots of really big numbers. Lots of them!" she added.

Brianna was nodding her head about Megan's first question and giggling. May was still trying to catch her breath. It was a close call and it was evident she had made a very narrow escape.

There was something else that Megan had sensed but had yet to put a finger on. Maybe it was May's hair. That was it, why was her hair standing up and over the crown like that?

Megan looked up at May, "What really happened?"



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