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2-6-2002: Wow, have I been gone from here for awhile!  There are updates on the news page about the Megan Martin publication and we are soon to be published.  Laura is now 15 years old and Kristy is 13.  I have updated the links to their pictures here so you can once again send them an E-mail if you like.

Special Update 1-28-1999: I finished the Megan Martin Mystery first novel this morning.  Check in here every now and then for more information.  Be sure to check the news page for updates.

Site and Story update 11-10-1998: A funny thing happened the other day. Megan Martin wrote Laura an e-mail message asking for more information about the story.  Calling this to my attention I realized this story has been on the back burner for a long time.  Truth is the story is actually complete but needs to be edited and have a few small changes made.  You know we have been very busy here for the past few months if you have read my news page.  I have not really picked the exact title for the first episode but think I may call it "Adventures in Time"  The other thing I want to do is put in a news update page on this site so you don't have to log on here and wait for a long time just to see what is going on.  I will get right on that right now.  I will call it "Megan Martin's News" and it will be linked from the front page and this page.  I may even build a special menu for this site.  If I happen to run out of room here we always have a basically unused site on earthlink that we can move to.  Some of this information will be moved or copied over to the new news page.

The pictures below are high resolution graphics and take up a good deal of space on the web site here on IPA.  I intend to reduce them to a lower resolution in the very near future so if you like these pictures and want them in high res you had better get them and save them from this page ASAP.

Another point I should make is that if you click on these pictures you can send mail to Laura (Megan) or Kristy (May) at their AOL address.  These addresses are on the AOL account that will be closed down at the end of this billing period so if you want to send them mail you should do it while they still have an e-mail address.  I intend to get them a new address but this will take a little time.

I may very well eventually encrypt this page so that it can only be viewed by friends and family when I start to tell the story on line for a selected few.  This is because there are many "sharks" in the waters of the publishing world.  This is also why I have only disclosed a few tiny bits of information on this web page to date.

Until then enjoy this web page and tell your friends about it.

Promo Material c 1997 Rainbow Productions
Megan Martin and her friend May were just ordinary girls until the summer of 1997. While spending a week with Meganís grandmother in the country they discovered and assembled a device which gave them great powers.

Megan generating a time space warp window.

The device itself is over 13,000 years old. Meganís great grandfather and her grandfather had acquired the pieces of the device during their travels around the world. Now Megan and May have been given the job of solving the puzzle and finding the answers to a mystery of the ages. A mystery who's answers are hidden in the pages of time.

May pearing through a time space warp window.

A mystery that requires them to use this device to travel back through time and visit places both on earth and on other worlds to unravel the mystery.

If you like the idea and want to know more about this family mystery sci-fi novel please send me e-mail. I will answer your questions if I can. Click on my picture, either Megan or May and send us e-mail. Thank you.

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