Megan's 1st Adventure!

292 pages of reading.

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Megan's 1st adventure tells how Megan and May find the medallion and the crown device and then figure out how to make the crown device work.

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 First book in the Megan Martin series. Follow Megan as she discovers the crown and its mysterious powers.

Grandpa Fred was an archeologist like his father before him. Sometimes they would bring things home with them from the dig sites. Three things they brought back hold a mystery greater than time could tell and they both died trying to solve the mystery of the Medallion. Before Fred died he wrote a letter to his granddaughter Megan and hid it inside an old jewelry box along with the golden Medallion. The letter explains to Megan what happened and asks her to continue to try to solve the mystery. The adventure begins with Megan and her best friend May searching the farm for clues that will help them on their quest for knowledge.

Not all is well on the Martin farm though because Meganís grandmother Martha is in serious debt and about to lose the farm. Will Megan and May solve the mystery before itís too late?

Megan and May venture to the old log house at the south edge of the South 40 acres on Martha's farm.  A place where they were told no to go, but they went anyway.

You can now listen to the author, Bryon Smith read this excerpt in MP3 audio format.

"Aaaah-Choo!" May sneezed, waking Megan from her trance. "Oh, this place is, uh, really old and smelly and dusty and, look I found another room back here."

Megan turned to see what May was looking at when a board May was standing on cracked and broke catching May's leg between the broken boards. Frantically, she tried to pull her foot free of the boards but the harder she pulled the tighter the boards cut into her ankle.

"Megan, help me!" she pleaded as Megan ran to her assistance. May was pulling and struggling as hard as she could to pull her leg free from between the broken boards.

"I don't like this place! I want to leave now!" May cried as Megan worked with her leg, trying to free her friend.

"Don't pull! I can't get your foot out if you pull like that," Megan told her.

"Oh, I just know there are snakes and wild animals and SPIDERS and God knows what under this house!" May cried and shook with fear. "I just know they are going to bite me! I just know it!"

"Be still. There's nothing under this house that could stand the taste of you," Megan said jokingly, trying to repress a giggle. "Lions and Tigers and Bears OH MY!"

"Stop it! This isn't funny," May responded, wishing she could find the humor that her friend could see in all this.

Megan pushed May's leg down again and one side of the old board broke off and fell beneath the house allowing May's leg to pull free.

"There, see that wasn't such a big deal, was it?" Megan told May.

"Big deal, big deal, right," May said as she examined the scratches on her ankle, then cautiously leaned over to peer into the hole under the house where the broken board had fallen.

"See any monsters under there?" Megan asked, smiling as she walked into the third room of the house.
Megan turned and started through the door back into the bedroom when suddenly she was struck by that cold feeling of something literally passing through her. "Oh, there it is again." Once again goose bumps rose up on her arms.

"There is what again?" May asked, but then at that moment the cold presence passed through her as well. "What was that?" she asked in surprise as goose bumps rose up on her arms as well.

Both girls stopped, frozen in the old bedroom, as a ghostly mist moved through the room to a baby bed at the foot of the big bed and then vanished from sight. At the foot of the old big bed was now a baby bed that had not been there before. The girls looked at each other, both having their arms crossed and rubbing their arms for warmth, and then looked back at the baby bed.

"That wasn't there before," Megan stated. "I know that wasn't there when we came into the house."

The two girls looked at each other again with surprise because both of them knew there was nothing in that bedroom except the main bed. And when they looked back the baby bed was gone again.


Find out what happens to Megan and May in this exciting adventure novel.

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