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Book #3 is now in Print!  Book #4 also now in print!

Novel 5 is finished and sent to the publisher and #6 is being edited.

The novels are written in a progressive format as a continuing story. We suggest you read them in the order they were written.  While people who have read or seen Harry Potter movies compare these novels to Harry Potter these novels are not like the Harry Potter series.  People who love the Harry Potter series love the Adventures of Megan Martin series. People who didn't like Harry Potter for religious reasons still enjoy the Adventures of Megan Martin series.

Schools and Libraries sometimes buy autographed books directly from us at a discount from retail prices.

Quotes from readers.

PR person for a large chain book store said.  "I love this! This is just what our teachers have been looking for!"

9-30-2003 Hannah (one of our dedicated helpers in the Houston, Tx area) says: "I Got your book yesterday and can't put it down.  I am at chapter 14 and going to finish tomorrow if I keep this up."

"I'm reading the novels for the third time!"

"It's every bit as good as Harry Potter!  Maybe even better!"

"I would love to see this story made into a movie!"

"I read it, I loved it, I can't wait for the next one!"

A Student Said: "I really liked the first one, I really loved the second!"

Sonya Lee, (One of our dedicated helpers in the LA area says:) "I agree with the person who said "I really liked the first one, I really loved the second!"  ;-)  As the series plot thickens the stories become progressively more interesting.

7-26-2002: A Missionary to Brazil read it, said he loved it and can't wait for the second book to come out in print!  "Thank you Ron!"  :-)

Orders are coming in from across the country. One woman told me, "What's not to like about it.  I read it twice and I'm starting on the second book now! I want to collect the entire series!"

A teacher wrote me an e-mail saying, "I have recommended this book for the Accelerated Readers List. My students love it!"

Another teacher contacted me in chat mode to say, "I would love you to come speak to my students some time about this series. I would also like to have Laura come with you to see them. I think it would be wonderful if Laura could read the first book on video tape for those students who have learning disabilities." She told me she has also recommended this series for the Accelerated Readers List.

A waitress at a local restaurant bought the first novel. She was somewhat skeptical at first but then I saw her again recently and she said, "I had no idea this novel was this good. I love it. I think I want to get the entire series now."

Librarian at the public library said, "Your books are checked out all the time! The moment they come in someone else checks them out again."

Librarian at a local school said the same thing. "They are checked out all the time. The students and even the teachers love them!"

Teacher at local school said:  "The only way I'm going to get to read this series is to buy them myself because they are checked out all the time from the library."

Another person said, "I have noticed the Harry Potter series basically has a singular story plot. It starts out at point A and goes to point B. That's fine. I like Harry Potter but one of the things I like about your series 'The Adventures of Megan Martin' is that she's more like a real person than Harry is.  She deals with not only the main plot of each novel, she deals with all kinds of other problems at the same time just like a real person would."

Student: "I can't believe you're only writing seven of these!  You should at least write 8 or 18 of them before you stop!"

2-10-03: My dentist read "The Medallion Mystery" and said.. "I really liked it. It's a good story with interesting characters and it's easy reading."

An Orthodontist read "The Medallion Mystery" and said. "I liked it. This is the kind of story that should be made into a movie." He liked it so well that he leaves it in the waiting room of his office so that patients and visitors can read it.

11-15-2003:  Dr. Travis, chiropractor in Fort Smith, AR has a full set of 5 novels in print in his waiting room.

(Laura and I did go spend the day with Mrs. Laura Moseley, the literary teacher at Ramsey Jr. High in Fort Smith, AR.  We had a very good time speaking to the students all day long.  If any teachers or librarians would like a reference about us they can contact Mrs. Moseley at Ramsey. They can also contact the English teachers of the Vian, OK. high school (see adventures page.)  You can contact Tracy Hall or Mrs. Ogden at Muldrow, OK Middle school.   I also have a PR press release letter if teachers or librarians are interested just e-mail me and I will send it to you.  For book stores that have a TV with VCR or DVD player I have a PR graphic ad that you can run over and over at your book store, just ask me for it and I will send it to you no charge.

(Some of the above quotes came from people who have read all the Harry Potter stories and seen the movies and enjoyed them.)

What do I have to say?

"If you think the first one was good wait until you read the second, third, fourth and fifth books!"

The Megan Martin series is being recommended by teachers for the Accelerated Readers List for grade schools. If you are a teacher we would appreciate it if you would also recommend this series for the Accelerated Readers List.

We appreciate anyone who passes the word along and promotes this website and this sci-fi mystery adventure series.  We have learned the larger publishers do everything they can to prevent smaller publishers from selling their books.  They do not even want the public to be aware that other publishers and other books are available and you can get them if you are aware they exist.  Please read the news info.

Some people are offended by books and movies constantly pushing and promoting the concepts of wizardry and witchcraft to their children.

What makes the crown work?  Is it magic, is it the casting of spells?  Is it alien technology, or something else?  If you really must know before you buy this book what makes the crown work then click on this link.  Remember, it contains information that could affect the reader's enjoyment of this novel series.  If you want to find out as Megan does what makes it work do not use this link! If you won't buy the book until you find out what makes it work then go ahead...

Yes I have concerns, tell me the secret!

If you have read this book and enjoyed it please send me an e-mail and tell me about it.
 I can honestly say I have not had one single unhappy reader. Everyone who has read these novels loves them!

For all the girls who are named "Megan Martin" who have been contacting us, "Thank you.  We love to hear from you."  Right now we have a special offer for you if your name is Megan Martin and you contact us and wish to buy all the books that are now available.

These books are not the cheap $4.99 books you see so often. They are beautiful 5"x 8" books with photo covers and print large enough you can actually read it.

Yes, our readers can send a message to Megan by clicking on her on the cover graphic in the picture at the top of this page!

If you click on the title of the cover graphic it will take you to our on-line store.  Or Contact Us.

NOTE: Because of junk mailers and rampant porn junk mailers I have been forced to place over 300 special mail filters on my domain addresses.  If you want me to get the message please be sure not to use any words or phrases that might be found in junk mail ads. Be sure you are not sending mail from a domain name that is a known junk mail offender as my mail filters scan the entire content of a message.  If you would like to join the fight against on-line pornography you can do so at   Thank you.

The original historical Megan Martin webpage has been moved.  See link at the bottom of the page.

This is the news segment of the webpage and below you will find story previews and information.


You can get these novels at...
Chestnut Book Store  (In Stock!)
2801 Old Greenwood Rd., #2
Fort Smith, AR 72903
Autographed books are available at this time at the Chestnut Bookstore for $14, $16 and $18.
Barnes & Noble
4144 North College Ave.
Fayetteville, AR  72703
Barnes & Noble (In Stock)
261N. 46th Street
Rogers, AR  72756
Walden's Books (usually in stock)
Central Mall
Fort Smith, AR
Most of the Walden's book stores will not stock my novels, because they say they can't return them.  But the one in Fort Smith has been thanks to the nice ladies who run the place.  They are a credit to Walden's book stores.  Please by all means do business with Walden's at Central Mall.  They try to keep my novels in stock.  Last time I was there they only had about 4 of them but said they were going to order more.  They also invited me to do a book signing there soon.  Perhaps we will see you there.
Hastings Entertainment Center
We no longer do business with Hastings AT ALL!
Please do not order our novels through Hastings.
They insisted to misplace our novels in the wrong category and when the target readers can't find them they marked them as a bad item and ground them up. (They could have at least donated them to someone, a school, library, a hospital!)  We do not appreciate the way Hastings's corporate does business.  This is not the first time they've done things to make things difficult for us.  Once they invited me to do a book signing for them and the very day of the book signing they removed all my novels from the store and left me without a book to sell.
We do not do business with Border's books.
They invited us for a book signing in Germantown, TN and we drove 5 hours one way only to get there and have them tell us they changed their minds.  I don't find that humorous.  We do business with places that do business with us.
Books a Million does not make their money selling books.   They make their money renting floor space to large publishers.
We do not do business with Books a Million any longer.
Thank you.

(NOTE: Hastings insists on misplacing my novels into the "novels" area of their books instead of putting them where they belong in Sci-Fi or young adult.  It makes them almost impossible for the target readers to find them. So if you can't find them please ask someone.)

NOTE: Until Hastings fixes their Grim Reaper computer in Amarillo we will no longer be doing business with Hastings Entertainment.  The Springdale, AR store is the only Hastings that has any of my novels at this time.  When they are sold they will not be replaced. Since they insist on misplacing them and our target audience can't find them we are thinking about going and getting those novels they now have and placing them with a book store who will put them where they belong.

Walden Books
Central Mall
Fort Smith, AR
(Last I checked they had 4 novels but did not have the first novel or "Night Visions".  I was also recently informed they would like me to hold a book signing there.)
T. Charleston Books  417 336 7233
Grand Village Shopping Center  1 800 475 9370
2800 W Hwy 76, Branson, MO
(Has our novels only when we are having a book signing there!
It's a small book store but it's in a very busy place.
I'm sure if you ordered a novel from them they would get it for you. )

Notice: We do not do business with Borders Books.  They asked us to have a book signing in Germantown, TN and when we got there they changed their minds.  That was a 5 hour drive one way for us!  We do not do business with Books A Million.  They make their money by renting floor space to large publishers, not from selling books.

When the others don't have it handy you can bet our friend Shirley at the Chestnut Bookstore will have them in stock and can get them real quick just by making a phone call to us.  You may also order the books from us, see the bottom of the page.

We intend to have a book signing at IHOP's someday.  Summer went by so fast and we were so very busy.  As soon as I get a date I will post it here. It will also be posted in the news paper if we can persuade them to print it.  I guess I'll just buy the ad next time since the last two times we have had book signings the SWTimes Record has refused to list the event.

We also intend to have a Megan Martin picnic at Creekmore Park here in Fort Smith, AR.  Dates and info will be posted here.

Updates as of 12-2-2003

11-29-2003: We had a fun time in the Branson area.  The book signing at T. Charleston books in the Grand Village Shopping Center went well.  Laura even got to meet the famous Branson channel tour guide!  See their picture on the adventures pages of this site.

We had a fun time at the Muldrow, OK middle school.  This was the most enthusiast bunch of students we have seen so far.

Hastings's books evidently has a computer in their head office set for search and destroy.  They sold right at half of our novels they had then a computer at HQ recalled the rest of them back to Amarillo, TX.  I asked why did they do that and I was told they were called back there and then destroyed.  I asked why and the man who I was talking to said he did not know.  He said it makes no sense to him.  They paid for the novels then instead of leaving them on the shelf where people can find them they called them in and destroyed them.  He tried to get them to put an exclusion on my novel series but they refused.  They are determined to destroy my novels any time they find them on the inventory of Hastings book stores.  I can't explain why they are doing this since they are loosing customers because of it.  It's bad business but Hastings corporate doesn't seem to care what their people in the stores think or what their customers think.  I've spoken with former Hastings book store workers who have quit for this very reason.

We got paid for the novels.  Destroying them does not make good business sense.  I don't expect Hastings to get their problems resolved and I'll not be recommending anyone to the local Hastings.  Springdale Hastings has our novels on consignment so you can go there and get them if you are in the area.  Barnes and Noble in Fayetteville, AR across from the big mall has them in stock last time I checked.  Rogers Barnes and Noble has at least two full sets of this novel series at this time.

We had a good time at the Vian, OK high school on April 25th.  We have more school visits scheduled but we normally do not advertise these events until after it has taken place.

Yes, there's news and new news on the news page here.  Would you like to know what the big publishers do to prevent smaller publishers from selling their books, then check it out.

The story series is written in a progressive method tying all the novels together into one larger story. Each of the following novels occasionally refer to things that happened in previous novels. All together they read like one large novel.

Some of you have asked is there any truth in these fictional stories. Yes, there is. You can read more about it on this page. Truth In Fiction.

Much of the news has been moved to the news page