The Mysterious Crown Device

What is it ?  Who made it ?  How old is it ? What is its purpose ?  Is it magical ?  Is it a technological wonder from an alien race who are millions of years ahead of us?

It is older than recorded history, older than the pyramids.  It belonged to an ancient king who ruled a civilization long before the war in the heavens.  Now Megan and her friend May have assembled all the pieces of the device and are about to unlock the mysteries of  time and space. What dangers await them?  Find out as you travel with them in this wondrous family adventure.

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Download Free computer wallpaper! (Small)

Wallpaper (830x624)

Hit the button there to display the picture then select it with the left mouse button then select "set as wallpaper" or "as background" depending on your computer operating system.

The Medallion started it all.

Megan's great grandfather and her grandfather both died trying to discover the secret of the ancient medallion.  The death curse died with grandpa Fred but before he died he passed the mystery on to his granddaughter Megan. The Medallion lead her to find the crown.  If you guessed the gold medallion isn't just a pretty piece of metal you guessed right.  In each of the novel series Megan learns more about the medallion and the crown and how they are linked together by a universal source of unimaginable power.

Space Suit Arm Patch

It's the arm patch that goes on the shoulders of the spacesuits.  Inside the text is a thing that looks and acts very much like the necklaces.

In novel number 5 Xeba has Orion make them special space suits.  They have cloaking and shielding.  The helmets can appear and vanish on command.  This is the arm patch that's on the left shoulder of the suits.

The blue triangular thing represents Orion.  If you were standing on the ground looking up at Orion with him hovering directly above you this is what he looks like.  A perfect triangle.  Yes he can change shapes since he is a fourth dimensional craft but this is his normal configuration.

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