Welcome to our 8-14-2004 pool party pages.

This is a "Mouse Over" website.  Move your mouse pointer around over the images and see what happens.  If you don't have fun on this website viewing the fun stuff it's your own fault. ;-)

Each year the cast and crew of the novel series has a pool party and cook-out.  This website is dedicated to share these fun adventures with our fans and visitors to our website.

The pool parties are held in the back yard of one of our friends who is a very talented singer, song writer, musician, and TV show host.  It just so happened that he joined us for this party.  May God richly bless him for putting up with us. ;-)

Certainly we can't invite all of our fans and friends to the party but we can invite you to view the pictures on this website area.  The greatest reward we receive for our work writing and publishing these novels is the thanks we get from our readers.  May God bless them every one.  :-)

Please click on the picture below to view our Pool Party Picture Pages.
Now being adapted to screenplay format.