Tempestt Lowe

If I didn't care, I wouldn't take the time writing this.  So when you find it, please read it all.

First of all I'm very sorry about your grandma Lowe.  I'm sorry I ever asked you to go to Vian.  When I asked you to come join us I was completely unaware of the situation.  Your discussion with Kristy was not clear to anyone here and we did not understand.  Had I known the situation I would never have asked you to go to Vian.

After running into some of your relatives who explained to me some things about you, your mom and grandmother I have a much better picture of the situation.  I thought you were running from grandma out of paranoia but then I find out you are running from a real demon that uses grandma against you.  That same demon is working with another demon who is with your own mother.  These two work together to control all of you.  You are right where they want you to be.  Your running puts you there where they want you.  You think you are safe there in that place, but that's the place where they feed on your strength.  They make you feel content there.  If anything threatens them or their ability to feed upon you and your mother they present new threats to move you again to a quiet place where they may continue to feed upon your spiritual strength.  They fear me like crazy.  They do not want you anywhere near me because of this.  They cause you to express their emotions to drive you to that quiet place where they can feed upon you again and again.  It's like a drug to you.

I returned to this page and removed about 75% of it for two very good reasons.  Parts of it were incomplete and not having all the information I needed I had said things that were not accurate.  The rest of it I realized you could not understand even if you wanted to, so I removed it.

You want to know what these spirits are, what they look like and what they do I can tell you.  I can help you but only if you ask and are willing to go the extra distance to get that help.  I have some very important things to do and others who are asking for my help even now.

Everything below is old stuff I left in here.  I hope and pray there is some chance for you and your family but I have had God tell me to drop certain people like a hot rock because there was no hope for them.  I hope this is not the case for you.

Kristy still calls you her friend.  I've never seen such sincere devotion from someone to someone who turned their back on her.  She says you are not responsible for the things you do.  That someone or something else is.  I think she will defend you until the end.  Friends like Kristy are almost impossible to find in a life time.   Only someone with serious problems or serious secrets or both would turn their back on a friend like Kristy.  Every time she mentions your name I get depressed for her sake and sometimes remain depressed for several days.  I tell her not to hold her breath or spend any time thinking about you because you have chosen your path away from her.  I try to make her understand the futility in caring about you. 


It's clear to me you do believe in evil.  But how can evil exist if there is no God, no devil, no Heaven or hell?  What do you think evil really is?

It appears that you think you are the only person who's ever had problems or disagreements with family and friends?  You should think again.  You don't know much about me but I have a story I'm willing to bet is much better than yours.  One day while practicing with my band God spoke to me and told me to "get out of there." (Loud and clear and spoke the same message twice.)  I didn't leave, didn't understand the message for certain.  Exactly 7 days later it all became clear.  When I was 19 a kid wrecked his mini-bike right after I passed by in my car.  Actually I pulled over and let him pass then he wrecked it.  It wasn't my fault.  Wasn't even his fault because he hit a ridge and lost control but since his dad told him if he wrecked it again he would take it away from him he lied and said I ran him off the road.  In reality he wrecked right in the middle of the road.  3 guys came to my house to kill me.  I don't use those words lightly.  I got away. Dad took me 500 miles from home, handed me some money and literally drove off and left me in a strange city.  The very next day dad and those men went back to the scene of the accident and proved that I had been telling the truth and the kid had lied about me, but he didn't tell me about it.  I spent 3 years of my life going to bed at night thinking those evil men could show up in the middle of the night and finish what they started. I developed the most serious form of TMJ there is, causing my jaw joints to literally be destroyed because of this.  I had to have shots in my jaws and therapy.  I suffer from it continually and must sleep with a piece of plastic in my mouth now to help keep the pain level down.  He didn't tell me what had happened until 3 to 3.5 years later, after the TMJ was well underway and irreversible.  Not one bit of this was my fault except that I happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Yeah, I was mad at dad, plenty mad!  But I got over it.  Blood is thicker than water.  Family is important.  God has a reason for certain things and He didn't want me in my home town or anywhere near it for years and that's how it worked out.  I'll be willing to bet your story isn't nearly as good as mine.  And that's only one true story I can relate to you.  I could give you several reasons why I might hate my mom and dad both and I'll bet any one of them is far greater than anything you could share with me.  But I don't hate them at all.  They just made a few mistakes.  I just do my best not to make the same mistakes with my girls as my mom and dad made with me.  Mom's in Heaven with God now.  I know because she came back several times to speak with me about dad.  Have you ever seen someone who's spirit has been in the presence of God?  They glow with the light of the Son of God who is Jesus Christ.

Tempest, you helped name and design your own character in "The Adventures of Megan Martin" series.  As of #5 and #6 one of the best characters in the entire series.  Also one that I know the readers of the novels will enjoy.  Also one I know the readers will miss come novel 7 when I write the character out of the novel series.  

Kristy said you don't believe in God, the devil, Heaven or Hell but your grandmother says you do.  In the spirit I've seen God, the Devil, Heaven and Hell and I know for a fact they exist. I've even met with and spoken with a person who now resides in a fiery pit in the Underworld. 

The spirit that is with you that drives you to run away and hide like you do is not a spirit that belongs to you but one that wants to claim you as it's own, just like it has your mother.  You think real hard about what I'm saying and you will know what I am saying is true. 

The last time you were over here I had something to show you, something the spirits with you didn't want you to see.  They wanted to be sure you never came back. They do not want you to believe in the spirits or the supernatural.  But I can prove they exist. It's not a joke.  Spirits are real, they control people through their emotions.  I can show you.  <watch this>  There's a very good reason why we are doing the Spooky Places video.  It has to do with those things.  Not all spirits are ghosts, but all ghost orbs are spirits.  Both good and bad.  Do not allow the bad ones to control your mind. If you allow them to they will.  They are spiritual energy.  They drive the emotions and the emotions  cause people to make quick decisions not based on fact or truth but based on deceptive feelings.  They manipulate people.  They are manipulating you and your mother. 

I've been OBE and walked among the spirits.  I've even done battle against some very nasty demons.  Those dark entities and demons do not want you or anyone else to know they exist.  More and more they are becoming visible not just to cameras but to people.  Things are changing on earth little by little.  One day a lot of people are going to be seeing these things and wondering what they are.  Why are they so against me and these novels?  Because within the pages of this "fiction" series their secrets are being revealed.  They will do anything they can to prevent these novels from becoming popular.

We have always loved you and thought highly of you, search your heart you know this is true.  I told you if you ever needed help all you had to do was ask and that still stands.

God bless,

Let me know when you read this and I will remove it from the Internet.  You still have our numbers.  If you don't tell us you read this it could be here for years. I would rather not leave it out here any longer than necessary.

Thank you.