Cover Art Project

This is the Dark Matter cover art project page.  The artwork on this page can be purchased for $10 per copy autographed by Laura, Amber and Kristy.  The printouts are inkjet on 8.5"x 11" gloss card stock.  To get one of these autographed cover graphics for your collection please send us an Email.  If you prefer a photo instead of an inkjet please specify.  It's the same price.


Ideas to be considered will appear here before going to the publisher.

Several versions of the cover art will be posted here as they are made ready.

Xeba (Victoria) is in the silver suit behind the sign.

Comments welcomed.

Left to right: Victoria Monroe "Xeba", Kristy "Brianna", Amber "May", Laura "Megan Martin."

Send me an Email and tell me what you think.

With a smaller crown.

Made the girls smaller.


Yes it's true!

The author of "The Adventures of Megan Martin" novel series now has an AOL IM and you chat with him or the girls if they are there anytime you catch them on line!

Just enter their buddy name


Into your buddy list and watch for them or the author to be on line.

Different Positions

HUGE Crown

No one seems to like the HUGE crown idea. :-) I didn't really either but thought I would see what people think.  Vote is no on the big crown.

Different Xeba different position for her.

Once this novel series becomes a cult classic this graphic may be the most valuable and rarest of all.

If you want any of these graphics for your keepsake please save them to your hard drive now before they are removed.  Someday they may actually be worth something, if nothing more than a keepsake for your files.

The top graphic is close to what we are shooting for.  But the girls photos have been sent to Todd at Enoch Graphics to have him finish the front cover.  Meaning the finished product will look "better," certainly different than what you see here.

Dark Matter Mouse Pad and Drink Holder Image

Click on the image for a larger picture that can be used as computer wallpaper.

Xeba doesn't really wear high heals but that was all Victoria had that matched her silver outfit.  We are thinking about doing a page just about Xeba.



All the artwork on these pages are copyrighted 2004 Bryon Smith

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